Almost against the rules…


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I had promise to myself: no talking of work on the blog.

However the idea of sharing these photos has been on my mind for so long that, after almost three months, the time has come. Here they are. They will also partially answer to questions about THE job.

No extra comments are needed, so enjoy!

2015-07-02 18.08.27

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Long Time No See

As the title says, long time no see! Over a year without posting on this blog. In the meantime many things happened. Too many to be all part of a single post.

  • I finished my PhD – I’m a non-medical doctor now!
  • I found THE job – Yes, the job of my dreams, the one I studied for for a long time, the one I dreamt about when I was 15 in Italy and studying Italian literature and ancient Greek in high school.
  • I moved out from London – sad face – BUT I am still in the UK and I have my own place! Amazing uh?

I guess I will make my best to keep writing this blog a more regular thing now, also because I have a new camera which awaits to be used and I need to write about things which are not work related in order to unplug my mind.

New posts coming soon then! Stay tuned!! 😉

My current job

Today I want to share a video which describes pretty well part of what I do every day. I am still in academia, and even if I decided to change, I am now really enjoying this position.

My research group produced this very cool video for the Royal Society exhibition this summer. I hope you like it (and share it please!).


A Not-So-Ordinary Saturday Afternoon in Trafalgar Square



Various reasons didn’t allow me to go out two weekends ago, hence no photos and no posts on my blog. Last weekend I decided to take a break and go out with a friend, not remembering that, while I am too busy to properly organise my weekends, London is a different animal. You can then imagine my surprise when, while walking towards Trafalgar Square where I was supposed to meet up my friend, I started seeing something I wasn’t expecting on the ground… And in people’s hands…

This is what I found: People…

Trafalgar Square 1





Pyjamas (or absence of them).


The level of participation was variable, but everybody seemd to have a good time!

fight relax

I tried to document as much as possible with my camera without getting involved. I hope you find these photos as funny as I found the event itself! 🙂

By the way, the real reason why I was in Trafalgar Square is this one:

National Gallery

No photos unfortunately, but I can tell you one word: STUNNING! If you have the possibility, go to see those masterpieces. They are worthy the now-not-so-long queue to see them.



North End Road Market


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This morning, before the weather decided to go back to winter, I went to North End Road market to do some groceries for the week, and my camera came with me. I have an insane love for markets: they fascinate me with their variety of people, goods, sounds…

This market, even if less famous than many others, makes no difference for me. It is not a gourmet one, like Borough Market, or an antiques one, like Portobello, or a market famous for flowers, leather and so on, but the market in North End Road has still got its charm. You can find a bit of everything in it, mainly veggies and everyday goods, but you’ll manage also to buy meat and fish, some nice cooked food, flowers and even antiques. Have a look at the photos, and maybe take time to have a look by yourself next time you are visiting Fulham.


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An amazing part of my life


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Not exactly a post, but when I showed this to a friend today I realised again what the experience in Formula SAE at uni with my team meant to me. It has been such an important part of my life that I had to share it on the blog.

This video summarises perfectly the year which brought us to build our first car. Enjoy!


Spring time!


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Even if Spring hasn’t officially arrived yet, the weather has been wonderful during the past week, and London is covered of flowers at any corner. Today I went out in the afternoon with a mission: going to Hyde Park to document with photos the effects of the sun. I didn’t need to reach the park to start snapping: I found the best flowers in the front gardens of the houses around Kensington!


This is one of the reasons why I love this city!


My favourite blogs


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This may sound a boring post, but when I decided to start a blog, I did it because many times I’ve been inspired by the people I love to read. There are some great blogs out there – and I am far away to be in the group with them! – and I’d like to share the ones which I go back to read again and again. I keep all my favourite blogs into Feedly, organised by topic. I actually have too many subscriptions, but don’t worry: this is going to be my list of favourites among the favourites. Lets start with the first category, the most crowded of all: Food. A blog that I read every day, and that I think every food lover should know, is The Amateur Gourmet. Adam started his blog in 2004, when bored by his law studies decided to share his passion for food. He changed his career plans, and he is now a successful food writer and author of two books. I love his approach to food, very curious and experimental (quite similar to mine I would say), and I also love to read about people and places so far and different from what I’ve always experienced in my life. Adam seriously loves food, and this transpires from every single post in his blog. Another person I love to follow regularly is Joanne from Eats Well With Others. I probably like her so much also because she is a PhD student, so I can relate to her in a very close way. She is also a great experimentalist in the kitchen: her blog features tons of traditinal with a twist and completely original recipes, all vegetarian apart from some very old posts, and photos which will make your mouth watery. She also shares some anectodes of her life, especially now that she is organising her wedding – Congratulations Joanne!! Sometimes the many sponsorships she gets may become a bit annoying, but what she cooks is delicious anyway, so… no problem! The third blog I never miss a post from is Joy the Baker. Again mouthwatering photos and delicious recipes, minly sweets but also some fantastic savouries. Joy is a true pleasure to read, and she is able to make you want to start baking right now, even if, especially in my case, eating the results of your hard work would make your tummy feel pretty unwell. Finally, a food blog different from the previous ones – especially for me, since I can eat every single recipe posted – is Chocolate Coverd Katie. As the name says, this is a dessert blog, with lots of chocolate here and there, but every recipe is vegan, and the majority of them has a gluten free option included. Many of Katie’s recipes are healthier versions of the most famous classic American desserts, such as cheesecakes, cookies and brownies, but she also has some original recipes, all worth a try. Similar to this last is Foodie Fiasco, which I don’t read every day but that has a fabulous collection of healthy and yummy recipes. Other blogs I love to read every now and then, especially for their amazing photos and super-delicious recipes, are Bake at 350, the Detoxinista, Fork and Beans, Spabettie and The Vegan Stoner (this one with very cute drawings and seriously easy recipes), to name a few.

The second category I feel to include here, even if I tend to follow beauty people more on YouTube, is Beauty. The two blogs I am really in love at the moment are Vivianna Does Makeup and LilyPebbles. These two girls, who are very good friends and also work together, are everything I would like to be in terms of style. Unfortunately, just reading their blogs and watching their YouTube channel doesn’t transform me in a more stylish version of myself… The other two beauty blogs I follow regularly are ClioMakeup and Makeup Delight. These two come from Italian girls, even if the second one is written in both languages, Italian and English. I feel I should dedicate more space to beauty, since there are many more people I love to follow, but as I said before, they are mainly on YouTube (same for food). I may write another post in the future.

In my Feedly you then find a category I called Eco. I follow GreenPeace, The Ecologist, Unconsumption, Do The Green Thing and, written in Italian, Vita a Impatto 1 and Another and More.

Then I want to mention my love for Photos and Prints, and in this category I like most the Week in Pictures from BBC and Gemma Correll.

I hope you found this list interesting, and you’ll have a look and maybe subscribe to some of the blogs I mentioned! Enjoy reading them!!


A sunny Sunday in London


Today we had the warmest day of the year so far. Spring was totally in the air: the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sky was blue… You got that.

As every londoner, I respected the tradition to go to Hyde Park to celebrate the first sunny day of the year, apart that…. I didn’t go to Hyde Park! I went to Richmond Park, a nice alternative to the usual day-in-the-park you enjoy when living in central London. The soil was still a bit wet from the rain of the past weeks, but the long walk I had with my friend has been totally pleasurable.

Unfortunately, no deers showed their presence today, apart from some footprints in the mud and lots of excrements here and there. This gives me a nice excuse to go again: this blog deserves a photo of a deer, at least for comparison with the ones I was used to see back home!

For now, I leave you with the best of what I managed to shoot today before I filled my memory card, and a short  report of the day. Enjoy!!

The tour started at St. Helena Pier, where some canoes where stored waiting to be repaired or used in the next weeks.

canoes1 canoeing control canoes2 pier1 pier2

It's spring!

It’s spring!

No sunny day is a sunny day without an ice cream from the van.

No sunny day is a sunny day without an ice cream from the van.

After the pier, we started the walk up towards the park.


The view was stunning.


Here’s a little map:


We saw many hollow trees. It is still a mistery if this is a natural phenomena, something that happened because of the weather, or something man-made for some unknown reasons.

hollow_tree1 hollow_tree2

Someone was getting married today, but we didn’t see the bride.


Wedding location.

Wedding location

Finally, this is the pond in front of which we stopped to have lunch.


At this point my memory card was full – my fault: I didn’t delete the photos of the last year or so, and I wasn’t pretty sure about what I could actually lose. The last part of the walk was more people-crowded and less nice though, especially when we realised that our plan to walk to Wimbledon tube station was difficult to achieve, unless we wanted to add an extra hour and a half to the three hours we had already walked. We opted for a bus to Putney, from where we took safely the tube home.

A very nice day indeed. Richmond, I’ll be back to soon!